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Our story

How it all started...

In 2017, Decew Falls Brewing Company was established by two friends whose deep appreciation for the craft beer revolution was forged over a love of hockey and just a few "research" celebratory beers.

Having known each other for years, Brett Read and Don Fournier, (both local small business owners and life-time residents of St. Catharines) combined their talents to turn their pastime into a passion for brewing truly inspired craft beers.

Deeply rooted in the communities of the Niagara Region, the brewery takes its name from the DeCew Falls, located along the Bruce Trail, and their inaugural Morningstar Cream Ale from the gristmill that still operates atop the upper falls today.

Morningstar Cream Ale offers a light body and crisp thirst quenching finish, with subtle notes of malt and herbs. Unfailingly consistent in its golden colour and easy drinkability, this beauty has been described as "the perfect lawn mower ale".

This namesake brewery delivers a product that will always taste as satisfying, natural, and refreshing as the DeCew Falls themselves. We hope you enjoy it...cheers!

Our Beer

Morningstar Cream Ale - Tasting Notes

Style: Cream Ale

Alcohol Content: 5.2%

Colour: Golden Straw

IBU's: 15

Aroma: Sweet, malty and mild herbal

Taste: Crisp,malty, herbal flavour with a nice hint of citrus

Mouth feel: Light body, dry and crisp, refreshing finish

Notes: Session beer (easy drinkability and thirst quenching)

Pairings: ribs, roasted chicken, chicken wings,


Well balanced cream ale with a malty and herbal taste and aroma. Light bodied, easy drinking with a crisp, refreshing finish.  It's the perfect lawn mower beer!

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What we offer?

One size does not fit all... We offer:

  • Kegs in 20, 30 or 58.6 litres
  • Cans in 473 ml

Prices available upon request.

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Where to enjoy a pint?

Enjoy a pint (or can) of Morningstar Cream Ale at these and many other fine establishments:

  1. Fresco's Bar & Grill
  2. Kully's Original Sports Bar
  3. Pie Guys Pizzeria
  4. St Louis Bar & Grill
  5. The Kilt & Clover

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What's all the buzz about?

Read what everyone is raving about. Check out what people are saying about Morning Star Cream Ale on Untapped. 

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Upcoming Events and Info You Should Know


Enjoy some Decew Falls Beer @ Scorecard Harry's , The Alley and /or The Chop House Burger Bar --the most recent drinkeries now offering Morningstar Cream Ale! 

***Thanks for having us ST LOUIS BAR & GRILL...

Friday, June 22nd was DECEW NIGHT at  St Louis and a nice crowd came out to sample Morningstar Cream Ale and sing along with  Brad Battle  

It rained outside, we poured inside and Brad sang better than all of us.

****NASHVEGAS was fun. Can we do it again?

On July 19th, Brad Battle had the  Jack Astor's patio singin'.  Decew Falls Beer had the people smilin'.   NASHVEGAS was so much fun; hope ya'll enjoyed it too!  Thanks for a great night JACK ASTOR'S BAR & GRILL!

!!! FEATURE BEER ON TAP #beeroftheseason

Watch for Decew Falls as the feature beer on tap at fun establishments across Niagara this festive season!  STAY TUNED FOR EXCITING NEW EVENTS BEING PLANNED AS YOU READ THIS...

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